Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed at the Dentist’s Office

March 4, 2022

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Have you ever skipped going to a party because you thought it might be awkward? That might be a sufficient reason to pass on doing karaoke, but dental care is too important to avoid just because you’re worried that your mouth will be judged. Keep reading to learn from your New York dental practice why you shouldn’t be embarrassed at the dentist.

Your Dentist Is a Caring Professional

Some patients justify their fear of going to the dentist because they recall how a stranger in public reacted to their missing, broken, or discolored teeth. You may have caught a strange look or worried that you were laughed at. But a good dentist is a professional who wants to help you correct the problem, and they will tell you how to avoid issues in the future, but they’re not judging you. If you do feel judged by your dentist, it’s time to find a new, compassionate one.

Take a Preventive Approach

As bad as you fear your teeth are now, by not seeing a dentist, you’re almost guaranteeing that things will get worse. Whether today’s problems can be reversed or not, your dentist can help you prevent future trouble. Gum disease or tooth decay will only get worse when left untreated and begin to affect your overall oral health.

Your General Health Could Be in Jeopardy

Your oral health and general health are intertwined. What happens in your mouth impacts your body and vice versa. By not taking care of your teeth, you put your overall health in harm’s way. It’s not uncommon that patients who avoid the dentist also avoid going to the doctor. Start with a dental appointment then maybe the doctor won’t seem too intimidating either.

Your Dentist Has Likely Seen Worse

Every experienced dental professional has seen their share of bad teeth. For all your worries, your mouth is most likely not the worst-case scenario. And even if it is, a quality dentist won’t recoil in horror or make hurtful comments. Great dentists see a problem to solve and find a way to make you healthier.

The Problem May Be an Easy Fix

It’s common to worry you’ve ruined your teeth and gums forever and you’re doomed to always have bad teeth. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, you have more options to correct dental problems than ever before. For example, even if your teeth need to be extracted, dental implants offer a functional solution that looks natural.

Get a Grin You’re Proud of

The big fear a lot of patients have is that they’ll never have a nice smile again. They often believe their mouth is ruined and there’s no hope. That’s not necessarily true, and only a dentist can tell you for sure. There’s a very good chance that by coming in for an appointment and sitting through needed procedures, you can have a smile you love.

Plenty of people have worries about being embarrassed at the dentist but don’t make your oral health pay the price for that. Your dentist in New York is a caring professional who wants to help you, so take the first step and schedule an appointment for the sake of your teeth and gums!

About the Author

Dr. Francisca Sanchez has been working hard for the smiles of her patients for more than 20 years. She completed her Advanced Education in General Dentistry from Columbia College of Dental Medicine. Dr. Sanchez is a proud member of the American Dental Association. If you’ve been putting off a checkup for too long due to being embarrassed at the dentist, she is ready and willing to get your smile back on track. Don’t let having a busy schedule be your excuse, as she offers Saturday appointments at least once per month. You can schedule an appointment on her website or by calling (646) 669-7407.